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Kenneth R. Heck

Chief Financial Officer
Senior Director

Kenneth Heck is the Chief Financial Officer / Senior Director of Heck Capital. Ken began his investment career in 1990 and is a Senior Portfolio Manager for the Dynamic Investment Styles and lead manager on four of the strategies as well as the Chair of the Investment Committee. Ken oversees all of the Discretionary investment strategies offered by Heck Capital and started the firm's discretionary program's back in 1993 as well as the firm's asset allocation program for 401-k plans in the late 1990's. Ken graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. 

Ken's primary responsibilities as Investment Committee Chair is to maintain the integrity and focus all of the investment strategies offered by Heck Capital. Weekly due diligence meetings with all the portfolio managers and analysts as well as interaction with some of the industry's best research analysts and managers. Ken's primary responsibilities as Senior Portfolio Manager is lead manager for four of the firm's Dynamic investment strategies: Dynamic ETF, Equity Allocation, International, and Fixed Income. The dynamic series represents the most flexible investment strategies offered by Heck Capital.

Ken also oversees the fiscal responsibilities of Heck Capital as Chief Financial Officer as well as providing investment advice and planning to the firm's high-net-worth clients. Ken is well suited with his investment manager and oversight experience to work and provide fiduciary advice and asset allocation and selection to high-net-worth families and endowments/foundations. 

Ken has been working with the Rhinelander Swim Club over the last ten plus years as either a coach, board member and is currently the President of the Rhinelander Swim Club. Ken coordinates collaborative planning between the club, the Northwood YMCA and the Rhinelander School District for the betterment of the youth swim program with the elevation of swimmers up to the Hodag HS swim teams. Ken also helps announce at the club meets and the HS swim team meets. Ken has also previously been the Finance Council Chair for Nativity of Our Lord and served on the Strategic Planning Committee for the Northwood YMCA.

Ken resides in Rhinelander, WI with his wife, Jenny, and their four children. He enjoys swimming, boating, and spending quality time with his family.


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Fun Fact:
My favorite hobby is swimming. I swam in college and still enjoy it to this day.

What do you enjoy most about working at Heck Capital Advisors?
I enjoy being able to work with extremely talented and hardworking employees and having the ability to chart a path for the company that is in the best interest of the client.

What is the most rewarding part of your position?
Working with clients over many years and seeing their long term goals come to fruition is the most rewarding aspect of my work.

What do you hope to achieve for your clients?
I want to help clients achieve a genuine comfort and knowledge about their investments. The more informed and comfortable they are, the more they are able to enjoy life.